Top Secrets To A Wedding Day Glow

Every bride wants to look fabulous on her big day. From fighting food that can result in bloating to thoroughly taking care of her skin.

You certainly don’t want to be looking less than your best, so you must have joined that gym class or started dieting to look and feel your best. Just hitting the gym and starting to cut down on junks is not enough, what about the things you put into your body?

Not to worry FAB bride, we’ve got you covered because we’ve gotten healthy eats that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that would bring the best out of your body.

Try adding these to your diet and be sure to thank us later;

1. Watermelon: Make watermelon your friend. Adding a plate of watermelon to your daily diet would help reduce bloating and aid your hydration because it’s packed with extremely low amount of calories and water. If watermelon is your favorite fruit, that’s awesome!

2. Lemon: There is so much lemon would help your body with in preparation to your big day. It is confirmed that lemon has tons of health benefits which includes aiding digestion and supporting weight loss. Add lemon to your water to get these benefits previously mentioned. The benefit we love is the fact that it improves your complexion!

3. Broccoli: Loaded with calcium and fiber which supports weight loss. We advise that you eat fruits and veggies that contain a lot of water, it helps you shed few pounds.

4. Water: Take water itself because you need to stay hydrated and hydration is crucial to having that glowing complexion you’ll want to have. As said earlier, try adding lemon. You can also add mint and cucumber as these ingredients aid digestion, reduce bloating and boost your immune systems.


There you have it, adding everything we’ve listed above would do you a lot of good. We would be pleased to know you’ve already incorporated these in your daily diet.

Have a FAB wedding ahead!

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